The LLC Registered Agent Demystified

Every limited liability business enterprise is required to have what’s referred to as an LLC registered agent. However, maximum enterprise proprietors do now not know exactly what this agent is or is meant to do. Some humans assume it is a criminal consultant while others assume it’s far a mailbox address.

This Article explains precisely what you need to realize to ensure that you have the proper person or entity serving as the registered agent for your agency.

This position is pretty easy. It is someone or corporate secretarial services singapore prison entity that should be available at a delegated deal with to accept legal papers or any official files sent to the LLC. The registered agent must have a permanent physical cope with placed within the kingdom in which the confined legal responsibility corporation has been formed.

The agent is simply an administrative appointment with the restrained position of accepting deliveries made to the constrained legal responsibility agency and forwarding the files, applications, papers to the last recognised commercial enterprise address of the commercial enterprise.

The person or business serving on this position has no obligations to advise or consult the LLC and does no longer even should open the programs received. But because any shipping made to a registered agent will normally be essential files, it is vital that every company appoint a good and dependable carrier to serve this role.


The LLC, much like the business enterprise, is a fictitious being because of this that it only exists due to the fact the law says so. It does no longer have its personal bodily being and presence the manner a herbal person has a frame.

Because of this, there can be confusion by way of other events or the public usually as to the way to formally communicate with the agency. This turns into truely essential whilst a kingdom company or every other party needs to serve felony papers or respectable notices to the business.


Each country varies when it comes to determining who is qualified to function a registered agent for a felony entity registered inside the nation. For maximum states, there may be a demand of a everlasting bodily address located within the state. The man or woman or entity should be gift at such deal with throughout enterprise hours so one can receive any deliveries made.

Some states impose extra requirements together with mandating that the designee also be a member or manager of the company, a attorney licensed inside the country, and/or a felony entity that is nicely registered and licensed to do enterprise within the country.


If an owner of an LLC has a everlasting deal with within the nation and does not thoughts disclosing it on the general public corporate facts, he or she will function the registered agent of a limited legal responsibility company.

However, the better decision is to hold the offerings of a professional and credible country wide issuer of RA services. By doing so, you may have extra peace of mind that there will constantly be someone present to accept prison papers for your behalf of your commercial enterprise and notify you right away of any activity.

Some offerings also provide extra valuable services including notifications about country filing requirements and on line equipment for ensuring your prison entity constantly remains in compliance.